Saturday, March 15, 2014

Denim Wasted

UO Silk Dress, BCBG Denim Shirt

For a day out in the city, I went with this sleeveless button up shirt dress since the weather has shot up nearly to 80 degrees lately. I tied a denim shirt around my waist to add color and texture to this otherwise simple dress. And of course it comes in handy if it does get cooler later in the day. I've learned to always be prepared and wear layers ever since I was young because you never know when the weather can change on you. And lastly for shoes, I slipped on my Chucks for a sportier look.

I've enjoyed seeing sportswear dressed up lately since it makes me feel motivated to exercise and stay fit. As a result, I just signed myself up for a piloxing class, which is a hybrid between pilates and boxing. I am excited since I haven't boxed in a while and anyways, who doesn't enjoy having a strong core?

Photos by Jordan Chase.

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