Saturday, March 29, 2014


Initially planning on going to the new Long Bridge Pizza, we realized it was closed for lunch so we walked down the block to find somewhere else to eat and stumbled into Gilberth's. From the outside, it appeared to be a take-out restaurant as the line was out the door and all you could really see were people ordering their food. As we ventured into the restaurant, we found that there was a dining room complete with a communal table and all. 

Lomito Saltado

It was love at first bite. Ever since I tried Sanguchon's Lomo Saltado, I've been ordering it wherever I found it. It was definitely not a bad decision today since this dish from Gilberth's just increased my love for the dish so much more. The sauce was impeccable with the steamed rice, beef, and onions that I was able to finish the entire plate (with the slightest bit of help), which is quite impressive for me. I honestly cannot wait to have this again although I do have to mention that the fries were a bit too dense and heavy on the starchy side for me. Other than that, I have nothing close to a complaint.

2427 Third St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Neighborhood: Dogpatch

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