Sunday, January 26, 2014

Backyard Getaway

Denim Jacket - UNIF

The beach has always been the place that calms me and allows me to forget everything else going on in life. It's like a vacation spot, but close by. Now that school has started, I can't explain how grateful I feel for being able to just catch a glimpse of the beach almost everyday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kitchen Mojo

Clockwise from top left: Spicy Pork Scramble Egg, Crispy Pork Katsu, Popcorn Shrimp Kimchee Po' Boy

After trying some amazing Asian fusion food in Southern California, I stopped by this place to see how the bay area does in this food group. Kitchen Mojo is an American Latin Asian Fusion restaurant and it offers indoor and outdoor seating. The style is set up as an 'order at the register and pick your own seat' kind of restaurant. 

To begin, the Spicy Pork Scramble Egg was definitely something different. There is a flavor blast when you eat this dish and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what you are tasting. Having said that, this dish is good none the less and a definite must try if you want to know what I mean by a flavor blast. 

Crispy Pork Katsu. This had to be my favorite of all the dishes since the pork was crispy yet unbelievably moist on the inside. Plated with cucumbers, cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, and wasabi aioli, this dish is something you can't get anywhere else. 

The Popcorn Shrimp Kimchee Po' Boy was delicious. The shrimp remained crunchy even when sandwiched between two layers of kimchee. I'd have to admit that I'm not a big fan of kimchee, but this po' boy was really good. The fries are a plus!

300 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Neighborhood: Potrero Hill

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January's Picks

When I visited Santa Barbara, I finally picked up my first purchase from Lush. My friend persuaded me that their products were amazing so we both swooped up a bar of Mr. Punch. I have yet to try it for the sake of this photo, but the scent of the soap is so nice. I also love that the soaps are handmade, natural, and not tested on animals. 

New year, new phone right? Well maybe just this year. My previous phone was falling apart and I was unable to use practically all my apps. I was afraid that my phone wouldn't function soon so I decided to jump the gun and purchased a Nexus 5. Now I'm able to use LTE, a camera that actually churns out better quality photos, and workable apps. I have yet to explore further functions but I look forward to seeing what else this phone can do. 

I picked up my first Moleskine planner to keep me in line with school, work, and events this year. The fact that it was the last black one in store in the format I liked just got me so excited. I will be taking this everywhere with me since it is small and can fit in practically any of my bags. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My love for trying new restaurants and food has got me starting this new section -Bites- of posts on visits to different places I try. First off, Garibaldi's. This restaurant is quite large but fills up quickly with walk-ins and parties with reservations. We arrived at 11:30am to find one other person seated but by the time we left, the floor was filled with chattering folks. Noting that this was a Wednesday, reservations are suggested.

Grilled Chicken & Farro Salad

This salad was different than any I had ever tried before, in a good way. First, I've never had farro before. It had the texture of brown rice or chewier white rice, which added another dimension to the salad. Second, it was dressed with meyer lemon vinaigrette. I usually veer away from any salad containing vinaigrette, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this mixture of cucumbers, mint, almonds, and purple cauliflower. Lastly, grilled chicken is not a friend of mine. As a child who has choked down dry chicken, I've grown a fear for grilled chicken. But again, Garibaldi's proved me wrong.

Braised Wild Boar 'Sloppy Joe'

For an infrequent eater of 'Sloppy Joe's,' this sandwich was not the same as I had remembered what a Sloppy Joe was like. This one had whole grain mustard, arugula, and a fried egg stacked between two buttered and toasted buns. For lack of better words, this Joe was good. Placed beside crispy salt and pepper potato wedges, the plate was complete and very filling.

Chocolate Pudding

This chilled cup of chocolately goodness was topped with whipped cream, caramel, and sea salt. The caramel and sea salt definitely added a little something to the pudding. The extra dash of sweetness yet saltiness made this pudding more complex.

347 Presidio Ave
San Francisco, CA 94115
Neighborhood: Presidio Heights

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Plaid Bomber - UNIF, Denim Overalls - Guess

Bomber jacket, lace top, hybrid jean-overalls, and chucks for a quick sandwich run. I visited Santa Barbara for the weekend but it's sad to say that my camera broke just a few days before so I was unable to take any good photos there. On the bright side, I'll be returning soon so photos to come in the near future. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


For some reason I have taken a toll this winter to wearing minimal bottoms: shorts and skirts. Trust me, it is cold but when I see that there's a chance it may get sunny, I automatically wear something that will bare legs, which in this case are my lace shorts. I just love the touch of femininity it adds to my outfit which is why I paired it with basics. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Mist

When I woke up this morning to gloomy skies and a damp ground, I tried to avoid it by heading south to San Mateo. This plan worked out pretty well since I encountered the sun peaking through the clouds and a very dry ground. Even though I was pretty successful with this, I knew I'd have to brave the mist upon my return so I went with a light sweater, a long button down, a pair of black suede shorts to go under the shirt, and tall boots. You'd probably think I'm crazy for wearing shorts but it's because I absolutely hate the feeling of wearing damp pants. Anyways these tall suede boots kept me incredibly warm wherever I was.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Layer Up

Today I went with two of my wool pieces for the drastic weather change. This sweater kept me warm and cozy immediately after I put it on. I just can't resist sweaters that can do that for me and they are hard to come by. Under that I put on my plaid dress, only revealing the bottom half to give it a skirt look. To complete the look, I went with my go-to black boots.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Double Denim

My denim ensemble is comfortable for running errands for the day. These coated jeans were a recent purchase of mine and it's easy to say they're already part of my wardrobe staples.

We snapped these photos on our way to an errand at my former high school which brings back a bit of nostalgia.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baker Trail

Walking around in my light denim shirt, baggy faux leather pants, and chucks were perfect for the surprisingly warm winter weather. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Movie Night

A simple black and white outfit with hints of metal for a movie and dinner night. Still loving my new Vagabond booties because they're cute and comfy. They also add a bit of height which is nice for someone my height.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Rang in 2014 at the Embarcadero with fireworks and the boyfriend. We'll see where this year will take us. I usually don't make new year resolutions but I might make this blog my one and only resolution. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it.