Saturday, January 18, 2014

January's Picks

When I visited Santa Barbara, I finally picked up my first purchase from Lush. My friend persuaded me that their products were amazing so we both swooped up a bar of Mr. Punch. I have yet to try it for the sake of this photo, but the scent of the soap is so nice. I also love that the soaps are handmade, natural, and not tested on animals. 

New year, new phone right? Well maybe just this year. My previous phone was falling apart and I was unable to use practically all my apps. I was afraid that my phone wouldn't function soon so I decided to jump the gun and purchased a Nexus 5. Now I'm able to use LTE, a camera that actually churns out better quality photos, and workable apps. I have yet to explore further functions but I look forward to seeing what else this phone can do. 

I picked up my first Moleskine planner to keep me in line with school, work, and events this year. The fact that it was the last black one in store in the format I liked just got me so excited. I will be taking this everywhere with me since it is small and can fit in practically any of my bags. 

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