Friday, August 29, 2014


Day 1: American Eagle Top, One Teaspoon Pants, Teva Sandals
Day 2: BDG Slip Dress

Portland has a homey feel I just can't get over. From the buildings to the people, it is such a welcoming city. This was my first visit which meant wanting to explore and eat everywhere. We went to see Multnomah Falls, Lost Creek, farms in Hood River County, and paid a visit to the Kinfolk office. Aside from these places, we loved how there were so many options for healthy eating (even though we didn't always pick them). Daily brunch was just a dream. Speaking of brunch, I am sad to say I haven't been able to go recently as my normal routine has resumed once again. Perhaps Labor Day weekend will present a chance to go!


  1. My boyfriend and I just traveled up to Portland from the Bay Area too! We did more of the touristy/city stuff, but I can't wait to go back up and do some of the outdoorsy stuff shown here on your blog. Looks amazing!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! You should definitely check out the outdoors in Portland. It was so beautiful!