Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flora Grubb Gardens

American Eagle Top, The Gap Jeans, Free People Cardigan, Ugg Boots, Lucky Brand Bag

I happened to stumble across Flora Grubb Gardens on Instagram and when I realized it was so close to home, I knew I had to visit! The garden is a lot larger than expected, hence getting lost a few times, or maybe it was just me. There was also a Ritual Coffee Roaster within the garden which meant coffee surrounded by succulents, cacti, and various other plants. I just loved the space and the atmosphere and can't wait to revisit! But for now, the video I made of this garden will have to do.

I decided to take a break from skinny jeans and went with these true blue flared denim I purchased from Gap a few years back. I forgot how comfortable these were! They will likely pop up more often in my future posts. To keep the look simple, I went with a white top and my favorite cozy, olive cardigan.

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