Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cal Day

Urban Outfitters Sweater, Dress, Headband, Steve Madden Cinch Booties

Continuing with lighter colored dresses for spring, I went with a flowy silk dress. As a science-oriented student, the subtle print on this dress immediately reminded me of the bacteria bacillus. Although memories of my microbiology class were not exactly fond, the print also resembled a pattern from the 90's without the vibrant colors, which made me love the dress all the more. Going along with the neutral tones of this dress, I chucked on a cropped oatmeal sweater and some cutout booties. To top it all off, I chose this purple headband to add a pop of color to this otherwise quiet ensemble.

I took this outfit with me to Berkeley. 2014 was the first year I attended Cal Day, the day where admitted students become acquainted with UC Berkeley. It was almost as crazy and hectic as Disneyland, with people stopping here and there for panels, clubs, and everything in between. Going as a bystander allowed me to have a day to wander the roads of both the university and the city itself. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the vibes and crazy good food from this town.

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