Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Knit Scarf, UO Coat, A&F Jeans, Reebok Sneakers

I've been giving this coat a lot more love this winter. I brought it along to Hong Kong knowing that I've been wearing it more often even before leaving town. I'm not exactly sure if I knew coats were the outerwear of choice this winter in Hong Kong but I sure fit right in because of it. That and plaid scarves of which I also brought since I received one for Christmas from the boyfriend. Anyways, funny story is that when I went shopping in Hong Kong, a sales lady offered to buy my coat for heaps more than what I originally bought it for. Of course, I had to refuse because I love everything about this coat from its pattern to its fit. Now that I am in Thailand and coats are far from anything anyone here would want to wear, I feel a lot safer for my coat, although it is still hanging in my Hong Kong closet..hopefully.

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