Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Return

Free People Cardigan, Knit Circle Scarf, Urban Outfitters Lace Romper and Suede Boots, Henschel Suede Hat

Getting those creative juices running with a different take on winter outfits. I layered over a lace romper, a piece that could essentially be worn on its own in the summer. Bringing it into winter territory, I added my super warm wool knit scarf and some tall boots. I am in love with this sweater so I had to add it to this look!

Settling back home after a long trip is pretty exhausting. Jetlagged, bags needing to be unpacked, getting back to the swing of things. It's not all bad though. I am looking forward to editing videos and photos from my trip! Keep an eye out for my new video this Friday! (Hint: it's not from my trip, it's a bit of a late video but my boyfriend edited for me so it has to be good!)


  1. I love the mix of lace with a knitted cardigan and scarf. Such a stunning outfit!