Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denim Mini

H&M Necklace, American Eagle Denim Skirt, Vagabond Boots

I threw this outfit together for an early night out since it works well for both day and night. For the day, the top has a high neckline and is not revealing except a sliver of midriff which is immediately covered by the extremely high-waisted skirt. At night, the skirt is skin tight which defines your curves well. This is why I have started to like denim skirts; they're so versatile! To add on a few inches, I went with my Vagabonds. Also, a change of hairstyle can give you a completely different look. I tried two braids instead of one to double the fun!

By this time you'd figure that I am surely still alive. Vacationing did not allow me time to update my blog since I constantly had things to do, in a good way. But now that I'm back, posts will resume. Keep an eye out for my post on Vancouver!

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