Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Davis Diaries

Fog honestly has not felt this foreign for a long time. I just parked my car, unloaded the remnants of this weekend, made myself a parfait from the freshly picked strawberries I drove down, and am now here to upload these wholly unedited photos from the last two weekends. The first weekend was picnic day and you can see a video I made of it here. The second weekend was for pure enjoyment: friends, food, and the weather. There's just something about the lifestyle there that's so different from San Francisco's even though it's only an hour and a half away. A taste of the "college lifestyle" without the work is full of fun and not-always-healthy food, hence the parfait being the first thing I ate when I arrived home. Covered in fog and almost pushed over by the wind, I already miss this morning's warmth and the weekend's joy. At least I have 3 pounds of strawberries as memories right?

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  1. These photographs makes me want to go on an adventure! Looks fun and relaxing

    Atika - http://travelsaltea.blogspot.my